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Combiline is a combination of the exercisebook line(FSD100) and the precision sheeter.

It is capable of producing Exercise books, long books, registers, pads, cut sheets of A4, A3, FS & other standard sizes, graph sheets, ledger folios, dupicate & triplicate books, interleaved OHP sheets and many other school and office stationery products.

It can accept a variety of substrates like paper (coated or uncoated), film for OHP sheets, and much more.

The machine can produce printed or unprinted sheets cut to size or folded or delivered in a deep pile.

In-line operations can include perforations along the web, trimming & slitting, gathering & folding.

Many other customisations can be done to suit your production requirements.
  • Multi-web input for varied production requirements
  • Printing by flexo process
  • 1/1 printing on each web while running two webs or 2/2 on single web
  • Running circumferential register of print-to-print & print-to-cut allowing perfect front-back registration amongst each individual web and also of the first web to the second web
  • Running axial register
  • Slitting by rotary top & bottom knives - mechanical or pneumatic
  • Trim waste blowing
  • Sheeting by dead & fly shear knives
  • Sheet squareness control
  • Batching & conveying system
Max. Working Width 900mm
Max. Parent Reel Dia. 1250mm
Cut-off Range 210mm - 594mm
Accuracy of cut +/- 0.5 mm
Max. Speed 15,000 cuts/ hr
Reel Lift Pneumatic
Drive 7.5 / 10 HP


  • Multiple unwind units (also for interleaving)
  • Gathering & folding delivery for exercise books
  • Deep Pile delivery
  • Web guides
  • Perforation stations
  • Pneumatic slitting
  • Servo batching for higher productivity
  • Reel to reel output
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