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Ecoflex is a narrow web flexo press for printing labels, tags, flexible packaging, cartons, etc. Its modular design and precise, rigid construction provide the versatility and reliability necessary for the most difficult jobs.

The Multitec Ecoflex flexograhic press can be assembled to your specifications in various widths. A full range of options further enhances the versatility of the Ecoflex label press and its ability to handle a variety of applications on a broad range of materials.

The Ecoflex is constructed to provide a superior foundation for quality printing and converting. It has full dual side frames to create a solid and rigid structure not attainable with partial frames supported on sheet metal legs or with cantilevered designs.

Consistent, repeatable quality printing is facilitated by the ease of operating the Ecoflex. Precise print adjustments are made quickly, even when changing material caliper. Anilox rolls can be changed quickly even after the job is set up, and the closed loop tension system provides exact and repeatable control at the operator selected tension level.

Durable Construction

  • Box Frame Rigidity
  • Full frames construction create a rigid structure for reliable durability.
  • Precision ground hardened anvil rolls
  • Anvil rolls of hardened steel and support rolls to handle the toughest die cutting.
  • Robust Precision gearboxes
  • Enclosed gearboxes for smooth, consistent power transmission for exact registration and consistent ink transfer.
  • Torque tube lineshaft
  • Zero backlash steel couplings and tubular lineshaft provide consistent power transmission.
  • Heavy duty converting module
  • Dual steel frames, hardened anvil rolls and support rolls provide strength and rigidity for consistent die cutting. Air clutches with precision regulators on both the capstan and waste rewind give consistent and repeatable control for high-speed waste matrix stripping.

Superior Print Quality

  • Precise Web Control
  • Closed loop constant tension and variable infeed provides superior web control for exact registration.
  • Independent 2 Way Print adjustment
  • Quick and precise setting of print impression independent of plate to anilox adjustment.
  • Achieve specific Ink Densities
  • Quick replacement of anilox rolls, without removing ink fountain or plate roll. A unique reverse angle doctor blade inking system is provided. In press plate position register correction and laser engraved anilox rolls assure superior ink control at all press speeds.

Versatile Design

  • 20" Print and Die Repeat
  • Provides flexibility to layout jobs for optimum productivity.
  • Modular Construction
  • Assembled to your specifications to meet your needs. Additional modules can be added as your business and market opportunities grow and change.
  • Conventional Water based & UV Flexo
  • Designed for UV Flexo option while maintaining conventional capability.
  • Rotary Die Cutting
  • Rotary cutting for high speed, long run applications.
  • High Velocity Hot Air & Infrared* Drying
  • Combination high velocity hot air and infrared* dryers at each print station.
  • Sheeting*
  • Crush cut sheeting through sheeting cylinders is provided for those difficult to sheet materials.

Easy to Operate

  • Quick Setup Anilox Adjustment
  • Unlike many other machines, Ecoflex has a unique anilox adjustment for "plate to impression" and "plate to anilox" setting.
  • Automatic Plate Roll Throw-off and constant Aniilox turn
  • Print cylinders switch off automatically at press stop. Anilox rolls continue to turn to keep the anilox rolls "wet".
  • 360 degree circumferential register
  • 360 degrees circumferential register control at individual stations for fast and limitless circumferential register
Web Widths 13"(330mm), 17.5"(450mm)
Print/Die Cutting Repeat 7.5" - 20"
Max. Speed 500fpm, 150m/min
Max. Unwind Dia 40"
Max. Matrix Rewind Dia 20"
Max. Main Rewind Dia (Dual) 27.5" on each shaft
Max. No. of Printing Modules 12
Gearing 1/8" C.P.
Electrical Input 440V, 3 phase, 4 wire AC supply


  • Turnbar
  • UV curing systems
  • Sheeter/Stacker conveyor
  • Video plate mounter
  • Stroboscopic lamp / Web video Inspection
  • Corona treater
  • Web cleaning

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