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Elegance - Business Forms Press

Elegance - Business Forms Press
The requirement for computer forms is no longer standard - it comes in an unlimited configuration of shapes, sizes and colours. Check out the huge inventory of invoices, tickets, cheques, pay slips, share certificaties, application forms or EZR stock forms at almost any commercial establishment and you would know.

Multitec lets you handle mind-boggling combinations with superlative ease - allowing you to cater to variable print runs - from micro to macro - facilitating quick changes of form-length, colour, plate and paper.

More importantly, the variable circumference is customised to your configuration of wet offset, dry offset, letterpress printing or a combination to suit market requirements of varying runs with low wastage.
  • All pneumatic controls like Ink, Dampening and Impression On/Off
  • Pneumatic reel loading and pneumatic unwind shaft
  • Reel Diameter - upto 1250mm
  • Form length control
  • Paper width - upto 550mm
  • Pneumatically loaded dancer roller operated brake
  • Precise web tension control
  • Precision register control at any speed
  • Minimum make ready time
  • Centralised lubrication
  • Ease of operation
  • High running speed upto 30,000 ft. per hour (150 m/min)
  • Line hole punching with the option of double capability(2 - up production)
  • Carbon interleaving with tack crimping
  • Vertical perforation
  • 2 position cross perforation facility
  • Hi-speed zigzag folder
  • Inking train with large dia rolls
  • Wash up facility
  • Lateral and cross register control
  • Interchangeable offset cassette with quick change facility
  • Configuration choice from 1 to 5 colours in offset, dry offset or letterpress
  • On-line numbering facility
Max. Web Width 22"
Print Repeat Range 9" - 17.33"
Max. Parent Reel Dia. 40"
Max. Printing Width 21"
Plate cylinder undercut 0.28mm
Blanket cylinder undercut 0.95mm
Non Printing Gap 6-8mm
Folding From 7" to 17"
Max. Speed 150m/min
Letterpress repeat Upto 24"
Numbering repeat Upto 24"
Electrical Input 440V, 3 phase, 4 wire AC supply
Drive 15 hp / 25 hp


  • Carbon Interleaving
  • Web guiding systems
  • Electronic closed loop tension control
  • Rewinding Unit
  • Sheeting Unit
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