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Slitter Rewinder

Slitter Rewinder for Stock Rolls
Save expensive paper that has been damaged during transit or has got out of shape during loading / unloading and will not let you run your web press at the desired high speeds.

Join those reel ends you always thought were scrap and get a workable reel out of it.

And of course, slit stock reels to different sizes to cater to the variety of jobs that involve different web widths. High speed, heavy duty slitting & rewinding of uncoated, coated, waxed, gummed, laminated papers, film, paperboards, labels & tag stocks, non-wovens & other flexible materials.

Model ZM is for web width of 40" and Model ZL is for 63" web width. Both of these machines have a center drive system on the finished reel. For higher web widths, we have Drum Type Rewinders that work on surface drive systems.
  • Frames
  • Heavy duty cast iron frames for long, rugged, trouble free service.
  • Automatic web tension control
  • All reel slitting rewinding machines are equiped with an automatic web tension control system. A dancer roller is used to provide a constant unwind tension and also to eliminate the undesirable effects of surging and web instability caused by unwinding reels which are out of round. The system is designed to be highly effective, maintenance free and to provide consistent quality in rewinding operation.
  • Brake
  • The drum type air cooled brake is of heavy duty construction and is designed for long life under continuous operating conditions.
  • Slitting unit
  • The slitting unit is located in the stationary upper part of the reel slitting machine, almost at eye level for the ease of operation and best slitting results.
  • Rewinding unit
  • The rewinding device is placed in vertical mobile guides and it descends as the diameter of the finished reel increases. The finished rewound rell can be placed on a reel trolley or a platform with a handwheel, eliminating the use of external mechanical system.
  • Rewinding shaft
  • Three piece expanding rewind shaft is directly driven for rewinding on reel cores. Other options available.
  • Main drive transmission
  • The drive is designed for use with a step less variable speed motor. Operation is quiet and vibration free, contributing to excellent rewound reel quality.
  • Control console
  • All controls are grouped in one convenient console for instant attention and easy fingertip operation.
Maximum speed meter/min 500 400
Max. web width 1000mm/40" 1600mm/63"
Max. Rewind Dia. 1050mm/42" 800mm/32"
Machine width 2700 3300
Machine depth 2000mm 2000mm
Machine height 1875 1875
Power requirement HP 7.5/10 10/15
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