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Rotary Forms Converter

Rotary Forms Converter
A compact machine for producing stock forms in single color (numbering & logo can be in different color).

The paper reel is unwound in the unwind unit which incorporates an automatic tension control and length control. It then passes on into the printing unit where printing is done on one side. Further on, in the processing unit, the paper is perforated (across and along it's length), sprocket punched and then zig-zag folded to produce packets of continuous forms.

Very simple to operate, this machine has all the features to produce a full featured stock form. The printing unit is letterpress based and change of print repeats is quick and convenienant.
  • 2 UP production
  • 1 Color letterpress unit
  • Logo and numbering in different color
  • Max. Speed: 40,000 ft/hr
  • Electronic forms counter and batch marker
Working Width 22"
Letterpress cylinders (variable) 9" - 18"
Numbering circumference (variable) 16" - 24"
Drive 3/5 HP


  • Available in 1 UP or 3 UP production
  • Available without printing units
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