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Instapress/FMR III

Instapress/FMR III
Instapress is a variable circumference press built on a platform principle and have a straight line web path allowing wet-on-wet printing for highend print results.

With the Multitec Instaregister™ System, the press can be set for various configurations and jobs almost instantly. The system features high precision 360 degrees gearboxes capable of doing micro register during job run and quick register during job setup.

The print units are capable of handling offset cassettes, letterpress cassettes or numbering cassettes without any mechanical change in the press.

Various output options make this versatile press even better. With options of sheet output, reel output and zig-zag fold, these presses cater to a wide variety of short and medium run jobs.

Jobs involving printing, numbering and perforations (horizontal or vertical) can be easily handled.

Delivery Options

  • Straight line web path
  • 3 cylinder offset cassettes
  • Motorised 360 degrees circumferential print registration
  • Gearing repeats for steps in 1/3" or 1/4" without use of any tools
  • Pneumatic ink, dampening & impression ON/OFF
  • Pneumatic reel lift
  • Variable infeed unit
  • Movable pneumatic turnbar
  • Multiple delivery options like Z-fold, reel to reel & reel to sheet
Max. Web Width 22"
Print Repeat Range 9" - 16"
Max. Parent Reel Dia. 50"
Stock range 27 GSM - 270 GSM
Max. no. of printing modules 8
Max. Printing Width 21-
Standard plate cylinder undercut 0.28mm
Blanket cylinder undercut 0.95mm
Non printing gap 8mm
Folding From 7" to 17"
Max. Speed 200 m/min
Electrical Input 440V, 3 phase, 4 wire AC supply
Drive 15 hp / 25 hp
Pneumatic requirement 15CFM@90PSI


  • Drying, tinting and varnishing units
  • Pneumatic turnbar
  • Die-Cutting units for self adhesive labels
  • Non-Contact imaging through inkjet
  • Web guiding systems
  • Electronic closed loop tension control
  • Electronic web video inspection
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